what precautions to take if they’re on medication and how to get help if drinking is a problem. Older Americans are increasingly turning to the Internet for health information. In fact, more than 70.

When to see your doctor. He or she may also order blood tests and brain-imaging tests that can help identify reversible causes of memory problems and dementia-like symptoms. You might be referred to a specialist in diagnosing dementia or memory disorders, such as a neurologist, psychiatrist, psychologist or geriatrician.

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 · Home Safety Checklist for Seniors. The safety and well-being of our loved ones is of the utmost importance. As we age, simple tasks can get more difficult and even dangerous. To help avoid falls or other safety problems, take a walk around the home and decide what needs to be done to reduce the risk of something unfortunate happening.

A boycott of social media sites could force firms to take action to safeguard children, a senior. precautions they should take. "Families and young people find social media valuable and we want to.

Safety Precautions for Wandering Patients If you are caring for someone at home who is prone to wandering, you should take certain safety precautions. Here are several things you may want to consider: Take car keys away. If the person at risk for wandering off is still driving it may be a good time to take away the keys.

Encouraging a Senior with Limited Mobility to Get Outside. Fresh air and a change in a senior’s surroundings can do more than help diminish boredom and complacency. People who spend a few minutes outside daily are less likely to have health problems and more likely to remain active. 9 Comments

 · Senior Housing and Senior Centers Need the Guardian Solution. November 21, 2016 Comments (0) Blog Like. According to the Lohud Journal News, “More than 30 Carmel residents can’t return to their homes after a fire ripped through a senior citizen housing complex early Tuesday morning.

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Memory loss can cause a person to go outside without the right clothing. Talk with your doctor about your health problems and how to prevent hypothermia. Taking some medicines and not being active also can affect body heat. These include medicines you get from your doctor and those you buy over-the-counter, such as some cold medicines.