That said, I don’t use go mod -vendor and likely never will. But I do maintain an append-only cache of the modules that my CI then uses Instead your build will use stale cache entries. The C code needs to be moved up to the package directory to make it build.

go mod vendor docker build . -t my-image. Until the concept of vendoring is no longer a thing in Go, this seems like the best option to get private dependencies into the container because it has the full support of the Go build toolchain and doesn’t require any special magic to make it work.

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The go.mod file lists dependencies for your project. When you create a new Go modules (vgo) project, select the With the vendoring mode enabled, you build your application only with dependency packages By default, when you use Go modules, the vendor directory is ignored during the build.

I’m going to update todolite-appserver to use vendored dependencies for some of it’s dependencies, just to see how things go. Restore the dependency. Before I check in the vendor directory to git, I want to reset it to it’s previous state before I made the above change to the global.go source file.

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Go modules is the new dependency management system for Go language based projects. I just spent the last three days converting the codebase to use Go modules. It’s a large code base, and we had vendored ~75 dependencies over the past five years of development.

The dependencies are vendored using git submodules, and installation is as easy as go get I’m curious what I’ve done wrong, as neither go get nor go build work when applying the same git submodule-based vendoring to the dependencies for ddg.

Will go build deal vendor/ specially to meet the use?. vendor tools manage vendored dependencies.. how do you resolve a conflict, even manually, if the package your importing is from another repository outside your. plugin: using non-stdlib packages in plugin with same go "toolchain" fails #19206.