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Creative Placemaking: What it is and Why it’s Important for Communities October 31, 2014 Aidan Flax-Clark, Guest Blogger Above, watch the full conversation about creative placemaking, featuring former National Endowment for the Arts Chairman Rocco Landesman and ArtPlace America Executive director jamie bennett, and moderated by Aspen.

As more communities engage in Placemaking and more professionals call their work "Placemaking," it is now essential to preserve the integrity of Placemaking. A great public space cannot be measured simply by physical attributes; it must serve people as a vital place where function is put ahead of form.

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Placemaking is based on a simple principle: if you plan cities for cars and. BUILD LOCAL ECONOMIES THROUGH MARKETS.. and attractive for all people, then government processes need to change to reflect that goal.

Our Placemaking Program is designed to engage people.. After you have a Project Team, you need to get support.. LOCAL INSPIRATION.

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Kent calls this process Placemaking, and he has used it to transform popular landmarks.. Our view is that if people believe they need to bring in experts or. It's the same as bringing in a shopping-mall developer: The local.

People are drawn to places where other people are, but you must first. for walkable urban place creation, but these sites require significant public. This strategy intentionally leverages local arts community to create urban.

In Ashland, Breann leads a community organizing effort with local partners to support the development of grassroots leadership, placemaking initiatives to improve the built environment, and programs and investments that expand job training, health, early childhood education resources, and affordable housing that help stabilize families at risk of displacement.

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Imagine taking two cities – Calgary and New York, or Phoenix and Chicago – putting together a faux M&A team, and coming up with what we’d buy the cities for? A fair market price for a city. I think it’d be interesting, and one of the shorter elevator pitches on why placemaking matters.

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