I hope the hard left queens posting on Data Lounge are getting paid for their attacks on Joe Biden. The Democrats have such a weak lineup going into the 2020 Presidential Elections that Joe Biden for all of his faults is the best bet to beat Donald Trump.

The administration’s bid to repeal the student bankruptcy provision follows the publication last month of an expos by our next guest, David Sirota, who wrote a piece for the International Business Times headlined "Joe biden backed bills to Make It Harder for Americans to Reduce Their Student Debt." David Sirota joins us now from the.

Just lay out Joe Biden’s record on student debt, and then go beyond. DAVID SIROTA : Joe Biden has been working on bankruptcy legislation for the last three decades. He got into the Senate in the.

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Thanks for following our live coverage of the second night of the first Democratic presidential debate, headlined by Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and Pete Buttigieg. This wraps up our.

Michael Bennet, vice president joe biden. going to solve the issue of student loan debt, pass the torch. If we’re going to end gun violence for families who are fearful of sending their kids to.

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Sanders–along with several other candidates including Warren and former Vice President Joe Biden–is calling for raising the.

South Bend, indiana mayor pete buttigieg and former vice president Joe Biden talk during the second night of the. (And how.

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Biden said his three kids – all of whom have gone to both private universities and then on to graduate school – left with significant student debt, ranging between $96,000 and $140,000.

Rush Limbaugh talked about student debt forgiveness in an interview with FOX News’ Martha MacCallum on Tuesday. MARTHA MACCALLUM, FOX NEWS: Well, let me ask you this then. Because it seems that.

Joe Biden is very sorry that he has invaded anyone's personal space. After a. The problem is that his political choices do, too. What is Biden's stance on the death penalty?. How will Biden combat massive middle- and working-class debt, including consumer debt, medical debt, and student-loan debt?

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