| Unsold Housing Inventory Overhang Hits New Low of 30 Months In 2 Years;. After much deliberation, 2 winners above 18 and 2 below 18 years were chosen, (which included Mumbai boy, Rishikesh Prabhu from Witty International, Malad).. Unsold Housing Inventory Overhang Hits New Low of 30 Months In 2 Years Tags.

Unsold housing inventory overhang hits New Low of 30 Months in 2 Years /u/VictorVanguard on Speculator anger mounts as value of land lots falter Why home equity loan is better than using PF money to meet lump sum need Monthly payments or a lump sum? – Business – NBC News – Monthly payments or a lump sum?.

Unsold Housing Inventory Overhang Hits New Low of 30 Months in 2 Years. top 7 cities’ unsold inventory declines from 50 months in Q1 2017 to 30 months this quarter Unsold inventory in Delhi-NCR drops to 50% – from 90 months in Q1 2017 to 45 months in Q1 2019 Bangalore & Hyderabad’s current inventory levels at all-time low of 15 months each Pune’s unsold inventory at 28 months, followed by.

The low. 2,00,398 units and 1,70,630 units respectively. The average time for sale of inventory in Kolkata is 10 quarters or 2 years and 6 months. NCR, in comparison, has the highest quarter to.

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Unsold Housing Inventory Overhang Hits New Low in 2 Years. May 29, 2019. China home prices growth fastest in five months, raises policy challenge for Beijing Average new home prices in China’s 70 major cities rose 0.7% in May from the previous month, picking up from a 0.6% rise in April and the quickest pace since December, according to Reuters.

Real estate investment growth fell to 2 percent in the first 10 months. sq m housing overhang. Ni Pengfei, a research fellow with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, forecasts that cumulative.

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Unsold Housing Inventory Overhang Hits New Low of 30 Months in 2 Years Spring is traditionally the busiest season for real estate. buyers, experiencing cabin fever all winter, emerge like flowers through the snow in search of their dream home.

Five years are too short a time to undo decades of damage.. Unsold Housing Inventory Overhang Hits New Low of 30 Months in 2 Years . · .Based on our recent survey of individuals planning to purchase a home in the next three years, nearly a third think they need to put more than 20% down.”