The Ultimate Truth about Housing Affordability The Ultimate Truth about Housing Affordability There have been many headlines decrying an "affordability crisis" in the residential real estate market. While it is true that buying a home is less affordable than it had been over the last ten years, we need to understand why and what that means.

Curtis Seltzer. Curtis Seltzer is a land consultant, columnist and author of How To Be a DIRT-SMART Buyer of Country Property, available at where his columns are posted.He also does commentary for Virginia public radio. His new book, Land Matters: The "Country Real Estate" Columns, 2007-2009, which includes 14 commentaries on CD.

Buying a property is a big and exciting step, but navigating the system in a new country can be a challenge. Luckily, buying your dream home in the Philippines should be fairly straight forward if you follow these steps, and source the right local help if you need it. good luck with finding, buying and settling into your new home in the.

Let’s talk about those 3 fatal mistakes that I see the average real estate investor making every single day. First big mistake — you’ve got to call the county recorder and confirm that that.

Perspective | There are a lot of myths about D.C.’s Winder Building. The truth is impressive, too. November 2005 – USAGDFA – We have all read, heard and talked a lot on this USAGOLD forum, about the " promise" of gold. The Myth of the All-Powerful Fed – Allan Sloan – November 1, 2005.. Overall, there's been a "very muted response" in the gold market to the Fed's.. In fact when you think about it, this is one merger that may never happen ,

While going through the process, I’ve come to some realizations. Here are some of the things I learned in my journey that nobody really teaches you about buying a property in the Philippines: 1. There will be LOTS of properties to choose from. When I began my home buying journey, I didn’t know where to start looking.

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Jeco Construction has created some valuable tips in buying properties within the Philippine area particularly in Metro Manila.. Buying a Property in the Philippines from an Individual. good overall perspective of the home market. When you find the right property all the leg work will be.

Selling a house in a changing real estate market can be challenging. Selling dirt can be even more any market. In this article we provide tools for landowners and real estate professionals about how to sell lots and land, and why your strategy with vacant residential land needs to be different from selling a home.

RBA signals further rate cuts are imminent Commonwealth Bank is expecting the RBA to cut rates when it meets in July, saying RBA governor Philip Lowe’s speech today gave a clear signal a cut was imminent. Here’s what economist Kristina Clifton.

Tips for buying land Do you want to have greater input into the design of your home? Then building a new home – one that will suit the needs of you and your family – is the way to go! However, before you start drafting up plans, you’ll need some dirt to put it on. It’s time to buy a block of land. Blocks of land literally come in all sizes.

VA Home Loan Myth Debunked! 10 VA Loan Myths Busted.. Myth #3 You Can Only Use The VA Home Loan Benefit Once. False. If you earn a VA home loan benefit it is yours for life, and in some cases, can be used multiple.