In recent years, however, many other types of countertop materials have been brought into mainstream kitchen use. Some may even surprise you. Here are some kitchen countertop ideas to consider for your home. While they vary in look, feel, composition, and care, they could all make a beautiful and functional countertop for you in your home.

 · Cooking for the holidays is a messy business. Between dirty dishes, sticky countertops, and scraps of pie dough on the floor, you’re going to need a trusty cleaner to have on hand this season.

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Although there are those who disagree, quartz countertops-a form of engineered stone-may well be the best of all countertop materials when all factors are considered. quartz countertops are made from natural stone byproducts (leftover rubble from the quarrying of quartz and other natural stone) which are pulverized and blended with resins to form slabs.

That’s so 1990s. Why would you have something taking up precious countertop space when you can have something that’s way lighter, easily stows away to declutter your kitchen. Best hand mixer I’ve.

After all, the countertop material is going to be there for many years, and will have a profound effect on the value of your home going forward. In this section of the Countertop Guides website, we want to share the most popular countertop materials being installed in homes today.

7 of the Best Kitchen Countertop Materials for Your Home in Home Improvement According to a survey taken by the Research Institute for Cooking & Kitchen Intelligence, 72% of homeowners surveyed splurged most often when deciding on the choice of their kitchen countertop.

Granite. For some time, granite has been the countertop material of choice when there are no other things to think about-such as money. Granite defines elegance in a kitchen. Even modest kitchens seem like luxury spaces when flavored by the beauty of granite countertops. historically, granite has been an expensive material,