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Fixed vs. Variable Rates – Which One Should You Choose? Georgia natural gas marketers typically offer two types of rate plans – "fixed" or "variable." A fixed rate plan is for the planner in you. It guarantees a specific price-per-therm when you commit to a contract, typically.

Should you choose a fixed or variable mortgage? Here are four broad considerations: First, how long do you plan to stay in the home? If you plan on living in the home a short time before selling it, you may want to consider a variable-rate mortgage. With a shorter time frame, the loan will have less time to move up or down.

What is the difference between a fixed rate and a variable rate loan?. Have a flexible budget, should interest rates rise.. For instance, if you choose a variable rate loan and you are concerned that rates will continue to climb to a rate with.

So, you’ve found a property you love, sent in your bond applications, and the banks have finally started responding with offers! But wait a moment – one of the offers has two interest rates quoted: a.

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Should I get a fixed or variable rate mortgage? You save money at the outset, and even if your variable-rate rises during your term, you can still end up better off – If you choose a variable rate today you are instantly saving money over its fixed-rate equivalent and that will be true for as long as today’s rates hold steady.

If you are seeking a loan, you may be given the option to choose. variable APR is tied to the prime lending rate or the T-bill rate and changes monthly to protect the lender from fluctuations in.

Should You Choose a Fixed or Variable? Buying a home is the single-largest financial commitment most people ever make. And sorting through mortgages involves a lot of critical choices. One of these is choosing between a fixed- or variable-interest-rate mortgage.

CoreLogic Launches Marketrac Platinum to Help Lenders and Title Companies Gain a Competitive Edge CoreLogic, Irvine, Calif., announced availability of the Platinum level of Marketrac, an online portal that provides on-demand data and analysis on real estate transactions to help users gain a competitive edge. With Marketrac Platinum, lenders and title companies can use the interactive platform to identify top performing real estate agents.

Should You Choose a Fixed or Variable? Tip: Common Indexes. The most common indexes to which the interest on adjustable-rate mortgages is pegged are the 1-Year Constant Maturity Treasury Index, the Cost of Funds Index (COFI), and the london interbank offered rate index (Libor).

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