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If you’d like to grow older at home (known as aging in place), you’ll need to consider these universal design elements for the easiest transition.

If so, the Aging-In-Place Design Checklist might be suited to your needs. The checklist below contains features you may want to consider for your next new construction or renovation project. It also provides a quick reference for various aging-in-place issues.

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Universal design offers aging users more. where they can function without help .

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66 percent of baby boomer workers expect to work past age 65. to explain how you can help an employer or hiring manager achieve their goals. That’s a real value that older workers possess." He said.

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Successful aging has been defined to include (1) a low probability of disease and. Overall, universal design has the potential to provide a stepping stone toward.. Make provisions during construction to reinforce walls in the shower area to. Straight staircases with consistent risers and treads and a stopping place.

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If you plan to age in place, consider widening doorways and replacing existing doors with larger ones: 32 to 36 inches wide is the recommended width for allowing a wheelchair to pass through easily. For less than $100 in materials cost, you can replace the door with a larger one and doorjambs.