Compared to just. in the US was preceded by an inversion of the yield curve, meaning that long-term interest rates had.

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 · yield curve flattest since before financial crisis 3:48 PM ET Tue, 4 Dec 2018 | 02:35 Economists see the yield move as a dark signal for an economy coming off its best year since the recovery began in mid-2009.

In a recent post, we discussed the data behind the fear of yield curve inversions. 1 With the recent turmoil among financial markets, the yield spread between the Treasury 10-year and 1-year notes stands at 14 basis points. In recent weeks, it has shrunk to as little as 11 basis points.

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The yield curve compares short government bond yields (anywhere from. last observed a decade ago, just before the Great Financial Crisis.

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U.S. Treasury yield curve hits flattest Level Since Before Financial Crisis. The Fed characterized the increase in wages and the cost of materials as "modest.". Fed officials also said they still expect labor and material bottlenecks to spur inflation higher, but the Beige Book doesn’t find much evidence.

US. However, the current economic conditions in the US indicate that the economy is. sion when we only consider the slope of the. to maturity in comparison to an equivalent bond with a longer time till maturity. If the yield curve is inverted, a spread (or difference) between.. the term premium since the financial crisis in.

It measures all 44 possible combinations of yield spreads from overnight to 30-year interest rates. We now see the US with almost 60% of its yield curve inverted, just as high as it was directly ahead of the tech bust and global financial crisis! The commodities-to-S&P 500 ratio just reached a fresh 50-year low.

But while there are notable signs of market stress, as indicated by the partial inversion of the US yield curve and German.

And I have added an additional data point into the chart so that readers can align where the credit market is today versus the 2008 financial crisis. The Treasury yield curve in April 2005 was.

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 · An inverted yield curve would be a first for the Fed during this tightening period. The yield curve has not inverted since 2007, right before the recession borne out of the financial crisis.