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Read more: This founder left his. next navigation options. Opendoor is a San Francisco-based real estate startup that promises to help people sell their homes in a few days via an app. It’s known.

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After Khosla Ventures VC and former Square COO Keith Rabois teased that he was working on a project to make buying homes as simple as clicking a few buttons, a horde of Valley angels and VCs started circling. The company, now called OpenDoor, just closed $9.95 million in what appears to be an insane party round.

Opendoor CEO Eric Wu said if the San Francisco-based startup had known just how high demand is from buyers wanting to trade-in their existing home for a new one, the company would have started.

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Eric Wu, the ex-head of Geoat Trulia, and Keith Rabois, a member of the “PayPal Mafia,” announced that their new company, Opendoor, has raised nearly. his attention innovating in residential real.

Eric Wu, founder of the real estate start-up Opendoor that lets users buy and sell their homes online, first broke into the industry back in college, when he used his scholarship money to buy about 25 properties. Wu realized while studying at the Unive

This early customer story is the very reason we created Opendoor. We started because we believed in the mission of empowering millions of people each year with the freedom to move.. Eric Founder & CEO, Opendoor. Recommended articles. Join our newsletter! Get the latest real estate tips.

Already installed nearly 100 unicorns, it aims to expand from venture-backed startups to private equity and real estate, becoming a seamless. Ventures who came up with the idea of Opendoor; CEO.