France: House price rises should ease to 2.7% this year, while from next year monetary. housing supply catches up with demand, and the labor market tightens. to higher oil prices and a weaker euro, but by 2020 the ECB sees core. The economic outlook for the Swiss economy has remained strong.

Stock markets turn around after tech sell-off Stock markets turn around after tech sell-off – Stock markets turn around after tech sell-off. ELAINE KURTENBACH.. may have taken some of the spotlight off the Mexico-U.S. trade tensions and concerns about tech stocks. Monday’s news that the Trump administration is considering anti-trust moves against tech giants triggered a sell-off.

A lot of traders are watching small caps, which have been consistently weak. While large caps (the S&P 500) have managed to make new gains since the January 2018 high, small caps have been stuck in a rut. While small caps’ underperformance may be a short term bearish factor for the stock market, it is not a consistently long term bearish factor.

As Twin Cities housing costs rise, more married couples are renting out rooms To meet existing demand for housing and build homes for future residents, cities across the Twin Cities metro would need to add more than 14,000 homes each year for the next two decades, according.

While rates and home prices hold demand in check, it’s still up thanks to the ongoing housing shortage. The disparity between supply and demand is the main feeding line to the growing home prices. The market still operates at a severe deficit, despite recent year-over-year gains in housing inventory and increasing housing starts.

The labor market has decelerated further, while the inflation outlook remains tame. The underlying drivers of aggregate demand remain weak.. the dual mandate even if the outlook remains.

Demand for single-family housing will remain strong in 2018, mirroring 2017. Positive job gains and attractive interest rates continue to bring buyers to the market. Consumer confidence remains high as employment growth remains positive, interest rates continue to be attractive, and consumers continue to improve their balance sheets.

Overall, despite weakness in housing, the economy continues to be supported by a tight labor market, rising incomes, solid balance sheets, and reasonably high levels of consumer confidence. The main risks on the horizon are the fallout from escalating trade wars and uncertainty about global economic conditions.

3 days ago. Housing outlook remains weak, While Labor Market Stays Strong Seeking Alpha – American Institute of Economic Research Sales of new.

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“There are great deals in weak markets and really lousy deals in strong. When we look at where the top markets are located, it is pretty clear that. survey is a generally positive outlook for markets in all regions. Market. has remained positive, the mix of jobs has skewed. likely to hinder the housing market, with growth.