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The 2012 lineup of bands

As always, Green-Stock features a diverse mix of bands that appeal to any lover of good music and fantastic times. This year's festival features a wide range of music from blues, to funk, to jazz, to jam, to rock. The Green-Stock Music Festival has a style and taste for everyone. So do not miss out on what is going to be our best year yet. Here is the lineup of live acts scheduled to perform so far (more will be scheduled soon):

Shaggy Wonda • The Twin Cats • Ultraviolet Hippopotamus • Main Squeeze

Jaik Willis • Elephant Quiz • Howard Lewis and Lovins • The Wheel • Ladymoon

Megan Maudlin • Max Allen Band • Third Eye Visionaries • Mikial Robertson

Go to the music page to learn more about the listed acts.

There is more than just music at Green-Stock.

Green-Stock offers much more than excellent live music. The grounds provide great camping and a picturesque lake. If you are in to outdoor adventure sport then check out all that the venue, eXplore Brown County has to offer and click here.

Call out to volunteers

We are in need of close to 30 volunteers. Volunteers will get a free weekend pass for doing a shift or two at a wide range of stations throughout the festival. If you are interested contact Colby Miller at colby@shaggywonda.com

You are coming? Good! Here are some suggestions.

Green-Stock will be a weekend full of great activities, events, entertainment, work shops and competition. We encourage you to bring your friends and family. Bring your kids too! We encourage you to purchase a ticket for the entire weekend, leave your cares behind and relax as much as you can.

In preparation for the weekend's event, may we recommend the following items as part of your packing list:
Rain gear, extra pairs of shoes, hiking boots, bug spray, lawn chairs, a blanket or two, sunscreen, a hat, a container for water, flashlight with batteries, a camera, tent, sleeping bag, jacket or hooded sweat shirt, musical instruments, cash for buying goodies and your good vibes!

There will be craft and art vending, special sporting events and rentals, food, drinks, ice, merchandise and firewood sold on-site. The nearest ATM is 20 minutes away, so plan accordingly.


Learn a bit more and check out this 2011 promo video.

If you have any questions contact us by calling 812.988.7750.
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