U.S. Crackdown on Money Laundering in Luxury Real Estate Set to End. The pilot regulations launched last year in places like Manhattan and miami expire thursday, and their future is unknown. | ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON February 22, 2017.

The End Of The Luxury Housing Boom: US Treasury Launches Crack Down On Secret Buyers Of Luxury Real Estate.. It is the first time the federal government has required real estate companies to disclose names behind all-cash. FinCEN Takes Aim at Real Estate Secrecy in Manhattan and Miami

Feds expand controversial tracking of secret home buyers to Broward, Palm Beach and more. On Wednesday, a month before the original order’s expiration date, FinCEN officials announced they plan to broaden the coverage zones in hopes of better understanding how vulnerable U.S. real estate markets are to money laundering. Beginning August 28.

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Feds expand crackdown on secret real estate deals beyond Miami, Manhattan. Because buyers can cloak their identities in opaque shell companies, regulators say cash home deals are a magnet for money laundering. Corrupt foreign officials, drug dealers and other law-breakers have been caught parking dirty money in U.S. real estate.

Legal news and analysis on deals and attorneys.. Real estate and investment management firm Jones Lang LaSalle said Thursday that it has landed $140 million in financing for a 289,000-square.

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Feds expand crackdown on secret real estate deals beyond Miami, Manhattan A man who creates child-like sex dolls for paedophiles has called himself an ‘artist’ as custom officials crackdown on shipments being imported. in possession of a child sex doll. An Australian.

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Another popular method of moving money overseas, involving the conversion to cash of large insurance policies, was targeted by a similar crackdown. multi-million-dollar price cuts in luxury.

Feds Want to Know Who’s Behind Purchases in #1 Cash Real Estate Market Miami. The percentage of deals made with all cash dipped in 2015 to just under 50 percent. Tampa, FL. Cash sales are still common in Tampa, but they’ve dropped below half of all transactions, to 47.8 percent. Cleveland, OH.