Our magazine is the first of its kind to invite you to stay at beautiful vacation rentals domestically and internationally along with traveling tips and expert advice. Our publication also has a special "owner’s corner" specifically designed to educate and inspire those in the vacation rental biz.

To help potential buyers decide where to invest, Vacasa, a vacation rental property management company, crunched data on about a half-million rental properties in popular winter destinations in the.

In profitable vacation rentals Abroad, you’ll discover exactly how it’s done-so you save yourself time, frustration, and money, too. You’ll find out vacation-rental secrets from a savvy expert that you really couldn’t get any other way short of hiring her yourself (and that’d cost you thousands of dollars)!

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10 Places Where Homeowners Can Make a Mint from Vacation Rentals. Demand for vacation rentals still outstrips supply in some corners of the country, with popular destinations from Las Vegas to the.

The problem with vacation rentals is twofold: 1. Operating expenses related to vacation rentals are similar to those of a hotel – 60 percent to 75 percent of revenue; and. 2. prize vacation properties come with enormous price tags and staggering monthly mortgages, property taxes, insurance, etc.

The vacation rental industry has rapidly evolved in recent years, largely due to advances in technology. Demand from travelers is booming and is predicted to continue rising. As such, vacation rental properties can provide MUCH higher returns than other types of rentals-that is, if you know what you are doing.

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Petersen believed she was not violating Manzanita’s vacation rental ordinance because she only allowed family. supplies and repairs, not for a profit. “It was my belief that the use of the property.

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But if you just want to own a beach house that collects rent when you’re not around, I’d seriously think twice. Your Vacation is Not Your Business. I recently talked my parents out of owning a vacation rental. They wanted to buy a condo in Florida. "We’ll vacation two or three months a year, and rent it out when we’re not there!

Turning a vacation property into a profitable rental tends to be an uphill battle. Before you jump into being a vacation-home landlord, take a good look at how your taxes will be affected.