Simple SQL Builder lets you build SQL statements; VB SQL Code to SQL Statement Converter strips non-SQL syntax and variables; and SQL Statement to VB SQL Code Converter changes SQL syntax into VB code.

For example, the designer uses the native WinForms form control. for online publication of your reports. The Query Builder and Report Builder wizards lie at the heart of LGX Info Studio. The query.

SQL Query Builder for Windows Forms. active query builder winforms Edition is a visual query builder component suite to let your end-users build complex SQL queries, as well as to parse, analyse SQL queries and represent them visually. Its powerful API allows you to parse complex SQL queries for programmatic analysis and modification.

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Active Query Builder for .NET WinForms. Build complex SQL queries via an intuitive visual interface. Product Overview See Prices. Active Query Builder for .NET WinForms is also available in: Active Query Builder for .NET All-in-one; Got a Question? Live Chat with our Active Database Software licensing specialists now.

New server version constants are defined now for MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle syntaxes.

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Active Query Builder ASP.NET Edition is a Visual SQL Query Builder for ASP.NET WebForms, MVC and Core 2.0 environments with full support of all popular database servers and appropriate SQL dialects. Working with Active Query Builder the end-user can combine visual query building with direct SQL. More information

Home / News / Active Query Builder for .NET WinForms v3.5.12. Active Query Builder for .NET WinForms v3.5.12. Adds 2 new helpers to the MetadataField class to determine if a field has foreign key relationships. February 07, 2019 – 10:48. New Version.

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Active Query Builder 3 WPF Edition Visual SQL Query Builder for WinForms that lets users build ad-hoc SQL queries with sub-queries. Active Query Builder has full support of all popular database servers and appropriate SQL dialects.. + Controls to edit properties of supported .NET DB. 3 Things to Know in the Housing Market Today!