Please note I didn’t say "lawsuit" but "cause of action." For example, you can’t start trying to protect your home the day after a car accident, even though the lawsuit over the accident may occur years later. asset protection for your home needs to start now, when there’s a clear blue sky, not when the storm clouds come. 1.

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The question today is how to protect the family home from lawsuit risks.. At the end of the term of the lease, full ownership could be returned to you or passed to your children. It can go either way, depending upon your view of any future potential liability you may have.

If you don’t properly protect your assets, which you worked long and hard to accumulate, they can be lost very quickly in a lawsuit, in bankruptcy or if creditors come to collect. Lawmakers have.

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If someone has already sued you, it’s too late to protect your assets. The time to take action is before you get involved in a lawsuit. Several options exist, but if you implement them too late, the court may consider they’re an intentional effort to defraud individuals or companies to whom you owe money.

How can we protect assets after a civil lawsuit has been filed against us but before we have been served? I learned that a civil suit has been filed against us arising from a traffic accident our minor child caused.

Protect Your Home from Lawsuits. Your home and primary residence is probably one of your most important assets. It is not only the value but the security it provides; the sense of family togetherness, community, safety. If you cannot satisfy a large judgement, a big item on the list of creditor targets is the family home – your personal.